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House Rules Showroom

When entering our showroom you automatically agree with our house rules.

 Customer rules Your lifestyle & Erotic-Discount:

  1. Your Lifestyle & Erotic-Discount does not allow prepared products (bags and prams, etc.) to be taken along.
  2. Customers must always be identifiable, for this reason the face must be visible. It is therefore not allowed, for example, to keep the hood on or to wear a burka. Customers are not allowed to enter areas other than the sales floor and / or warehouse.
  3. Eating food / drinking is not allowed in the showroom.
  4. Pets are not allowed in our showroom, of course guide dogs or service dogs are allowed.
  5. Sexually related behavior and / or actions are not allowed in our showroom.
  6. It is not allowed to carry items / clothing out of sight with you before you have paid.
  7. No more than 3 pieces of clothing are allowed in the dressing room.
  8. Opening of packages is not allowed.
  9. Photography is NOT allowed in the showroom without permission.
  10. Our employees may check bags at all times in case of suspected theft.
  11. Your Lifestyle & Erotic-Discount reports, among other things, to the police:
  12. - in case of theft
  13. - if employees are threatened and / or harassed
  14. - counterfeit money is spent
  15. Your Lifestyle & Erotic-Discount imposes a civil law fine of € 181,- on every shoplifter for the delay and nuisance.
  16. Camera equipment is there for the safety of the customer and employee, but it is also used for the detection of shoplifting and other crimes. Your Lifestyle & Erotic-Discount handles this with great care and closely observes the legal regulations regarding the protection of personal data.
  17. As a standard procedure, Your Lifestyle & Erotic-Discount checks all money for security features; Your Lifestyle & Erotic-Discount does not accept bills higher than € 100,-
  18. Your Lifestyle & Erotic-Discount round off cash amounts.
  19. The employees skim the cash register on time and often.
  20. for hygiene, articles and clothing are NOT exchanged or taken back, except for articles with a warranty sticker.
  21. There is a 3 month warranty on items with a warranty sticker.
  22. In order to return or exchange an item, it is mandatory to show your proof of purchase and the packaging must be undamaged. A valid proof of purchase is your receipt that you received in the showroom or your packing slip / invoice that you received with your internet order.
  23. No money will be returned on a return; Your Lifestyle & Erotic-Discount work with vouchers.
  24. The validity of vouchers and gift vouchers is 1 year from the time of issue.
only top quality products
custom made possible
the largest supplier of bdsm furniture
service and quality are our priority